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Two middle school girls wander a dismal and soot-blackened urban landscape. The city they live in is brutally polluted and gray above-ground, yet features a charming underground full of nature and life. The girls, Michi and Yokko, are heading to see a fortune-teller with money raised by their class. Yokko is nervous, but Michi pushes her along. When they meet the fortune-teller it is revealed that Yokko is pregnant, despite being a middle school student, and desperately wishes to hear the unborn child's fortune. The medium expresses difficulty, before suddenly seizing and spitting up a mass of ectoplasm that forms into a humanoid shape. The humanoid intones a single sentence.

"Listen to me, please. At fourteen years, it will end."

The girls yell, why? But the cloud simply repeats itself, before dissipating with a terrible howl. Terrified, the girls flee the scene...

Meanwhile, in a nearby building known as the Tokyo Pyramid, we witness a scientist of the Chicken Company entering his lab to inspect his specimens... only to witness one is growing an eye.

CH 2

The scientist, Shigeno, is baffled and alarmed by this event. The cells grown here are supposed to be only chicken breast, so how in the world could they have developed a complex organ? Something must be deeply wrong. He begins to examine it, but quickly hides the strange meat as his coworker Busujima walks in. Shigeno considers telling Busujima about what he saw, but cryptically decides to stop after saying "An eyeball..." before telling him not to worry about it. Shigeno examines it again after he's left and is disturbed to realize the breast is growing a heart and reacting directly to stimuli.

Later, Shigeno is eating with his partner when Busujima informs him his chicken was shipped out early. He runs back in a panic to see all his meat gone, but thankfully he hid the strange growth in its own vat. Yet as he pulls it out, he is horrified to see it's grown an entire body.

CH 3

Horrified by the grotesque creature he's pulled from the vat, Shigeno drops it, screaming. As he raises a chair to smash it, it suddenly stutters out a single word.



Shigeno stops in his tracks, unsure whether he has truly heard what he heard. The chicken speaks one more time, in a voice exactly like his. Ch... chicken. Shigeno screams, before setting the chicken on a table and demanding it say it again. He reasons that the chicken is nothing more than a growth of a dead chicken's cells, revived to be foood, and that this this was what it was born to be. The chicken has nothing to say, simply groaning as Shigeno realizes he must return it to the growth solution.