Sites For You

Find Me Elsewhere

Dying Eyes - My Bandcamp, where I release the music I produce on a yearly basis. Please check it out.

Dying Eyes (Patreon) - Usually I release music I create during the year on here. Has been on hiatus for a while, but I hope to resume creation soon enough.

NARFNra - My Twitter, where I mostly discuss whatever strikes my fancy. RT and liveblog heavy. I'm usually on here.

repunstruction - My art Twitter, where I post all my art and little else. Sometimes I put music on here.

Tumblr - My old Tumblr account, which I now mostly use for RBs on a queue. I check it reasonably often.

Youtube - My Youtube, which features a variety of gameplay, music, and other such creations.

Friends' Sites

digital rot - A fellow Zonelets website written by my good friend, Marc. Features a cool poem rn.

nothing happens, and it's really interesting! - Another neocities by my friend saori, foremost yuri and video games expert of 2022

tunditur-unda - A zonelets blog by another friend, Sraeka, who is perhaps one of the most in-depth RPG studiers to wander this earth.